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VT standard trial balance selecting micro accounts.


I've just done some Ltd Company Accounts, and when I go to standard trial balance to export to Taxfiler, I've only got StatG StatI and StatJ. Looking at my own accounts I've got Micro in addition and looking at a clients account I've got FRS102 in addition but no Micro.

Thus I can surmise that somewhere along the line I've pressed a magic button to get these options but can't remember how, so I'm flummoxed.

Won't see replies til Sunday so I'm not ignoring anyone in the meantime.

Have a good weekend folks!



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Hi John

Not sure what you have pressed so sorry I cant help, but I will give you a bump



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Hi John
Not had this before, but had a quick look at VT. Not sure if this will help or not. Suspect you pressed delete on that screen in the past, but like I say, just a guess.

Click standard TB formats as you did before. Then in the blurb above, click on the clicking here option on the last line which starts "when importing......manually imported" option. That should give you the option of micro accounts, or any other. That will dump the one you choose into the standard TB list. Hopefully.

Otherwise it's a shout to Shaun. Or a call to VT.



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Just saw the bat signal in th sky so figured I was needed here

Hi John,

are not the options that you have available to you defined at the time that you first set up the company in VT?

each time that new generator shells (don't know what they would call them, possibly COA's) are released by VT what you create will be done with that shell so assuming that there was an update between when you set up your own accounts and when you initially set up your clients that could cause the fields created to be different between the two.

Conversely, if you have accidentally created a business under the wrong type of shell then there is to my knowledge no easy way to back peddle. Rather you would need to recreate the client accounts using the correct COA. On the bright side you can hive away all of your data then reload it although its been a long time since I've had to do that so can't really advise on the nuts and bolts of that one.


kindest regards,


p.s. not saying I am batman, just saying that nobody has ever seen me and batman in the same room at the same time... draw your own conclusions! biggrin



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