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Strange balancing error

First of all my apologies, I haven't posted the fun page for quite a while as my weekends just seem to fly by.† I'm away this weekend but will try to post something Sunday night/Monday morning.

I have a copy of last years pl and balance sheet, which I have inputted into taxfiler but can't get the balance sheet and shareholders funds to balance.† Can anyone tell me where I've gone wrong?

Tax filer is showing pl 7123 (correct)† balance sheet is showing 2070 capital (correct) but showing 2006 as the shareholders funds.† The b/f figure is £3782.† That tallies with the 2019 balance sheet.

This is the TB

Turnover - Sales37483
COS and expenses30160
Taxation - Corporation tax†1535
Plant & machinery - Cost - b/fwd872
Plant & machinery - Depn - b/fwd303
Motor vehicles - Cost - b/fwd4450
Motor vehicles - Depn - b/fwd1946
Debtors less than 1 year - Accrued income and prepayments199
Debtors less than 1 year - Other debtors11600
Creditors less than 1 year - total11282
Creditors greater than 1 year - Bank loans1292
Creditors greater than 1 year - Accruals228
Profit and loss account - Brought forward3782

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Hi John,

what about Share capital? I assume that the bank / cash / directors account figures are subsumed within debtors / creditors?

£64 (or £32 on the wrong side) doesn't sound a lot but I remember the first time I used VT I was out by £9 and took me a week to track where it had gone to... Which included scrapping everything and restarting from scratch... Well, its one way to learn new software!

Sorry matey. Without sitting there doing myself with al the figures to hand I'm of no real use to you and the above suggestions are just the first things that I would check... Actually, when the number is £32 the firt thing I would be looking for would be an annual company credit card service charge. But in this instance you are saying that you are attempting to enter figures that previously balanced?

Sorry. not a lot of help to you.

good luck tracking it,




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Thanks anyway Shaun.† Yes, it's the previous accounts which the previous Accountant sent to the client before they were submitted, which I didn't do.† †I'm assuming the share capital is in the figures, I'm kicking myself now because I should have asked for the full breakdown of debtors and creditors.† I'm going to break them down best I can tomorrow, fortunately they aren't complicated.†

As an aside I was in your area today, purely by accident.† I've been to Shrewsbury for the weekend with a friend and her family and on the way back the satnav took me South instead of North.† Thinking it was an easier way to get to the M6 North I followed it and ended up on the M6 toll road!!



†Any advice given is for general guidance and professional advice should be sought applicable to your circumstances.

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