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wages journals


I have been asked to enter the wages on to sage. I have previously entered the net wages payment from the bank to net wages (cr 1200, db 2250) and the same for PAYE & Pension payments (cr 1200 db 2210 & 2260). I was hoping you could let me know if my journal below is correct for the PAYE/NI, Pension etc.

The figure for PAYE includes NI, and only one payment a month is made to HMRC labelled hmrc paye, could the NI be paid yearly?

Staff Accommodation is deducted from the wages and I have included this as other income as it is a revenue stream. I think the Pension journal debit should have be posted to 2260 which is just named Pension and not to 7010 Pension Scheme.

nominal accountdbcr
7000E'ee Wages & Salaries25000 Gross Wage
2250Net Wages590Pension
2250Net Wages4270PAYE/NI
2250Net Wages1110Staff Accommodation
2250Net Wages 25000
7010Pension Scheme 590
2210PAYE to HMRC 4270
4900Other Income 1110




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I cannot be bothered drilling down to the numbers as the formatting is all skewed on my viewing panel. Beside
Pies there is not enough numerical info here to sort it out.

I would say ...who has asked you to key the journals? They should give you a proper journal entry report and are only doing half a job if they do not, but still, I know you should also know how to process the info without thinking about it.

You need to process such journals to match the periodicity of when payroll is due, monthly weekly or whatever. (25k sounds like a lot, compared to other £££ info)

Not sure why your pension and other bits are being processed by net wages. Net is the amount you pay across to the employees.

Gross wages - P&l dr 7000
EmployERS NI - P&l dr 7006 (from memory)
EmployERS pension - P&l dr 700x
Net wages -BS cr 2220
EmployERS and employEES NI total - BS cr 2211 ( I think, not got sage in front of me)
Tax - BS cr 2210
Total pension (ER and EE) BS cr 2320 (ish)

PAYE payable consists of tax and NI (total NI, I've Ee and ER), so you should split the resultant bank payment across the 2 nominals. You could lump them but better separate for better and clearer reporting purposes (MI/analysis and viewing impact of NI ER allow when you get to key that lovely stuff earlier in tax year).

Loads on the forum about payroll journals. Covers all sort of misc other bits as well. Suggest you try in practice mode. Suggest also you set up the journal and memorise it in sage then just recall it when required.

Please also join in with other posts on the forum, if you cannot or don't feel confident to answer Qs, please join in with the Friday fun, off topic, general update, other misc rubbish bits, cos a 2 way street is better than a one. Ta.

Hope I've not forgotten anything, brain freeze, boiler packed in.



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Beside Pies?!biggrinwink

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