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no experience in uk

Hi. My name is Georgiana, I'm from Romania and recently moved in UK. I have 15 years experience in accounting, I'm a member of CECCAR in Romania (like ICAEW in UK) and I have a big problem... I never thought that I couldn't find a job here, with all my experience, but it seems that I cannot. I'm applying since July for entry-level jobs, but no success. There is everybody here who can give me an advice, what to do? Many thanks


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Hi Georgiana
Dont mean to sound rude but why would anyone move to another country without getting a job first?

Bit hard to say what the issue is without seeing a CV. Also you dont state where you are based. Im assuming its probably London as for some strange reason thats where everyone migrates to thinking there are masses of jobs going.

Main issue I would suggest is an over concentration of candidates.

if nothing else other than some obvious thoughts about your membership/qualifications:-

- you are over qualified for entry level jobs (albeit dont have the UK experience) - so employers would think you would get bored easily
- you dont have the UK experience (chicken and egg situation and occurs with many who belong to UK accounting bodies and in other industries)
- the Brexit factor

Ways to solve it (possibly)
-do some vonulteering
-massively dumb down your CV
-get some feedback from applications already made (there could be something else putting employers off)
- find out what your actual qualifications are equivalent to in the UK. A quick search suggests that anyone as a member of CECCAR can only get exemptions from the first four exams at CIMA level. Not sure about ACCA or ACA (ICAEW). So maybe check with ICAEW to see what conversions, if any, you need to do.

-if the CECCAR is equivalent to ICAEW ( I dont know!) then consider becoming a member of the ICAEW and upskilling via their CPD programmes (whilst volunteering).

If the latter two can show to folk here that you are qualified at the top level, you may want to consider speaking to the ICAEW Romanian contact (see their website) and effecting introductions from recognised firms from home to the bigger firms in the UK.



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You should check out answers with reference to the legal position


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Hi there,
Thanks for this :)) I thought that, with my experience, it would be easy to find an entry-level job, to see what's about it, and then move up.
And no, I'm not in London, I'm in Newbury :)
ICAEW doesn't have an agreement with CECCAR anymore, so I started with ACCA, who gave me some exemptions, but not to much.
I've been told that I'm over qualified for entry-level jobs,indeed, but how can I apply for finance manager, when I do not know how to do a VAT return in UK ? It dose not have any sense...


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