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Remove/Edit a post?

Hi, sorry to be a big pain, but is it possible to remove or edit my recent post "ACCA teaching job available in Chongqing, China (February 2017 start)"

I genuinely did not know or expect that threads would be permanent.

If it can't be removed, can it possibly be edited to remove salary information?

Thanks for any help that can be provided.

Kind regards,




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Go to the post in question while logged in. At the top right of the post you should see three buttons - one of them will be marked 'Edit Post'.

(Note: I am assuming you are using a desktop or laptop computer - if you are reading and using the forum using some other device, button locations may differ due to the different screen sizes, etc.)

Edit: I said 'Edit' but I've now corrected it to 'Edit Post'

-- Edited by VinceH on Monday 26th of December 2016 11:22:33 AM


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Thanks VinceH for the reply.

I have tried several times to edit my post (from deleting all content, to changing individual words) but the changes don't get saved. I assumed maybe editing is locked after a certain period of time.

I'll keep trying.


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hello Edwin,

you managed to pick a day when I've been away from my computer for most of it (The fun of dragging grandparents back kicking and screaming to their own homes after Christmas).

For now, as requested, I've removed the salary details. Please let me know if you need further changes (it would be a shame to remove the entire thread though as its a nice introduction to the site).

For info the editing is normally locked as soon as someone replies to a message (There are occassional exceptions where the system allows changes when perhaps it should not). The reasoning behind that of course is that the site has lots of great threads that could be spoilt by people removing their contributions. I am of course more than happy to go in and make changes to posts provided that they do not fundamentally change the thread, such as changing a question so that the replies to it no longer fit.

And of course if people post something that may later embarrass them I occassionally pick up on it even before they do.

In this instance I had not seen anything amiss but quite happy to remove the salary details for you,

kindest regards,


p.s. if I wasnt a single parent trying to get my son to Uni I might have been tempted by this one for a year or two myself. Sounds a fantastic opportunity for someone.



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